In switchgear production, in our own manufacture plant we produce individual special designs and small batches for use in industry, infrastructure and energy technology.


For us, need-oriented and customer-oriented execution is always in the foreground. Our highly qualified employees see the process sequence through, from project planning to construction to production and quality checking. 


This is supported by the use of the most modern production technology such as CAD programs, CNC-controlled processing, cutting, milling and wire assembly machines, scanner systems and logistics.


Adherence to deadlines, quality, expertise and flexibility are our great strengths.

Our products correspond to standard assemblies and our employees perform high-quality work, despite deadlines that are often tight.


We have our own assembly team that is excellently trained and takes on the insertion of switchgears and distributors on the building site, as well as assembly duties.

Scopy of services of Christof Electrics GmbH & Co KG

  • Specialist in switchgear construction
  • Many years of experience and know-how
  • Need-oriented and customer-oriented execution
  • Supervised and efficient process control
  • Use of the most modern production technology
  • Consistent project management







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