Scope of services of SPIE CEA GmbH

  • Planning and project planning
  • Calculation 
  • Structural design planning 
  • Procurement 
  • Detailed planning 
  • Manufacture 
  • Assembly 
  • Commissioning


Outdoor switchgear installations up to 400 kV 
References: Eastern Styria substation, St. Peter substation, Hausmenning substation, Erlaufboden substation, Sarasdorf substation, Zurndorf substation, SW Kronstorf
Customer: APG, EVN

Indoor switchgear installations up to 30 kV (metal-clad)
References: Untersiebenbrunn substation (wind farm), Höflein substation (wind farm), Kettlasbrunn substation (wind farm)
Customer: EVN

Complete substations including ancillary equipment
References: Erlaufboden substation, Sarasdorf substation, Spannberg substation, Wasenbruck substation, Zurndorf substation
Customer: APG, EVN

Mobile substations reference: mobile substation
Customer: EVN


Metal-clad SF6 switchgears up to 145KV
Electric installation, automation and cabling of power plants
References: Twimberg small hydroelectric power plant, Irschen drinking water power plant, Wienerberg small hydroelectric power plant
Customer: Waldensteiner Kraftwerke GmbH, municipality of Irschen, MA 31 Wiener Wasser






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